DigiPro 8" x 6" USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen

by Wootbot

Meet our friend Sherman. Pity this pencil-stained wretch, who calls himself an artist. Instead of coasting to his BFA with fatuous, effort-free “installations”, this sad sack actually bothered to learn ancient techniques like drawing and painting. He’ll labor for hours to accurately capture the shadows and curves of some stupid bowl of fruit. And he does it all with his own hands, eyes, and mind, like Rembrandt or Norman Rockwell or some fossil like that. It’s almost as if he actually loves doing it.

And what did all that hard work get him? A career making lattes for the kids who spent their time learning about Bezier curves, opacity masks, and swatch libraries. It’s sad, really.

But there’s hope, thanks to the DigiPro WP8060 8×6” USB Graphics Tablet. It bridges the divide between the digits on your hand and the digits on your hard drive, with an 8” x 6” working area and 512 levels of pressure sensitivity. Unlike the pens at the bank, this one is totally cordless. And the tablet is compatible with Photoshop and those other mysterious programs that Sherman was too busy drawing to learn about. Call us crazy, but with the DigiPro WP8060, Sherman’s weird “artistic talent” trip might actually turn out to be worth something.

Warranty: One year



In the box:

PC Requirements:

Macintosh Requirements: (For driver only)