Down Alternative Reversible Comforters

by wootbot

The alternative of down isn't up. It's this stuff.

We want to call your attention to a specific feature today. You'll notice we've used the line "Super soft microfiber outer made with fine filament yarns." That last word is yarns, Y A R N S. It's not the word yams, Y A M S.

We know on a computer screen it can be hard to tell the difference between those two words, just like we also know that a comforter of soft yams (Y A M S) might be comfy AND delicious! Because remember, yams are just like sweet potatoes. And what's softer and more delicious than warm sweet potatoes? Mmm MMM! And that's not dissin' soft yarns (Y A R N S) because everybody knows yarn (Y A R N) is soft. We're just saying that, going forward, maybe yams (Y A M S) would be a good manufacturing decision. Maybe we can replace yarns (Y A M S) with yarns (Y A R N S) instead! No, wait, that's not what we meant. Reverse those parenthetical statements, please. See how hard this can be?

Anyway, in discussing the comforter, we want to be absolutely clear. There will be no yams (Y A M S) in this comforter. Just yarns (Y A R N S) of which this comforter is made. Thank you for your attention.