Dyson Air Multiplier - 2 Colors

by wootbot

Like 4 4x-es

Sort of like a power-up for your comfort level.

Gamers, we beseech thee: take a good hard look at this air multiplier. Not with your day-to-day eyes, no no. With your gamer vision. The well-trained eyes that let you differentiate the door to the key card from the door to the monster room. What do THOSE eyes tell you? Aw, yeah. You see it now. This air multiplier is a 16x.

Go on, think about it. When have you ever before passed up anything that said "16x"? If this were energy, you'd zoom across the map to snag one. If this were coins, you'd bounce up to grab it. If this were laser beams, you'd pilot your ship on a collision course in hopes you'd grab it before your enemy did. And you're thinking about passing this by?

Listen, gamer. 16x is serious. 16x means air is sixteen times more likely to cool you off. This tower fan can cool the whole room without any fast-spinning blades. How do they do it? Pfft. You don't ask questions like that. You just take the magic and make it work for you.

In this world, there's no cheat code for cooling off. In this world, there's no save state with a reasonable temperature. Grab this 16x now, while it's in front of you, or forever wish you'd made the effort.