Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Heater/Table Fan

by wootbot

The Wooties

For your consideration: "No Worrying Burning Smell"

Esteemed members of the Woot Academy, 

As you cast your votes to decide "Best Product Feature" for the 2014 Wooty Awards, please consider the Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Heater/Table Fan's "No Worrying Burning Smell" feature. 

Once in a lifetime, a product feature comes along that speaks to the inherent instability of the human condition. "No Worrying Burning Smell" is just such a feature. It evokes in the reader a host of questions: "Is my current heating fan burning? Should I be worried? Is the universe internally consistent?" 

This Dyson bladeless fan has many other features worthy of consideration, such as "Air around the machine is also drawn into the airflow, through a process known as entrainment, amplifying it by up to 6 times," and "No unpleasant buffeting," but "No Worrying Burning Smell" stands as a promontory of excellence in the product feature field.