Dyson DC35 Handheld Vacuum-Red

by wootbot

Give Vac

You know, your children really would like you to get them a vacuum.

Easter's coming, and that means it's time to prepare a basket of goodies for your kids. Well, before you head to the store and snag all the chocolate eggs and jelly beans, we've got a little basket-stuffer we think you should consider:

A Dyson DC35 Handheld Vacuum!

Put one of these vacuums in your child's hands, and watch as excitement fills their eyes. Playtime has never been so productive, as your kids laugh and smile, dancing around the house with their new vacuum, sucking up muffin crumbs and dried dirt from both easy and hard-to-reach places. With their precious vacuum in tow, your kid can explore the many exhilarating options of cleaning, taking their cleaning adventure to the dining room, the bedrooms, and even the stairs!

And it doesn't stop there! With the Dyson DC35, your kids will be able to use the fantastic motorized floor tool, which makes cleaning hard floors a delight, and they'll be elated when they discover how much dusting they can do with the brush tool. It won't be long before your children are wondering why they'd been wasting so much time dreaming about egg hunts and marshmallow bunnies when they could have instead dreamt about how they'd soon be entrenched in the joy of vacuuming.

We know that toy companies and candy companies will tell you that their products are more "fun" and that your child "will actually enjoy using them." But that doesn't get the house clean, does it? So do the right thing and get your children a Dyson DC35 Handheld Vacuum, making this Easter a holiday the whole family will love!