Dyson DC39 Ball Canister Vacuum

by wootbot

I Got A Bad Case Of Lovin' Vacuum

Dyson goes to visit the doctor, doctor advises Dyson, the whole situation concludes, the end.

DYSON: Doctor Smaydenbauer-

DOCTOR: Hang on there. [finishes writing in pink diary] "Anyway, I have a patient now so we'll talk about Jason later. Byeeeeeeeee!" Ok Dyson, what's the sitch?

DYSON: I feel like I have something lodged in me.

DOCTOR: Isn't that your job?

DYSON: Yes, but something's not, y'know...moving through.

DOCTOR: Ok well let me just take an x-ray oh wait you're practically transparent so I'll just look at you. Hmm...

DYSON: What "hmm", WHAT?

DOCTOR: Did you know your ball canister is yellow?

DYSON: Like jaundice?

DOCTOR: Yeah. Well no. But this might mean something. 

DYSON: Level with me, doc. What does it mean?

DOCTOR: Oh, it's probably not-




DOCTOR: No no no, you're going to live today. And tomorrow and etcetera. Listen, I think it just means your manufacturer chose to make your ball canister yellow.


DOCTOR: Yeah. So just go home and eat a bunch of dust.

DYSON: Ok. Thanks doc. You're the best. [exits]

DOCTOR: [returns to diary] "Just had a five minute conversation with vacuum cleaner. Things are great. Should probably return this doctor jacket to the real doctor's closet. Where I'm keeping the doctor. Anywayyyyyyyyyy..."