Dyson DC40 Multifloor Vacuum - 3 Colors

by wootbot

That's Ball, Folks

A vacuum on a ball? That's so balla.

See this tattoo here? No, no, not the one of Calvin peeing on the words SELF-RESPECT, this other one, the one with the letters. See how it says EIDIR2TB? That stands for my personal motto in life: Everything I Do Is Required 2 Be Balla. What? No, it's right: Everything... I... Do...Is... Required... 2... Be... aw, dag. That's what I get for not going to the most balla tattoo artist in town. Lesson learned.

ANYWAY my point is, if it can't be balla, I can't be bothered. That's how I choose everything: my cognac, my dinnerware, my puffy coats, my homeowner's insurance, which lane on the highway I'm going to drive in... everything. And most of all, my vacuum cleaners.

That's why I'm rolling with the Dyson DC40. Its maximal suction power and multi-surface versatility are totally balla, and then to clinch it, it rides around on a ball. You cannot get more balla than an actual ball. Clean floors, easy maneuverability, reassurance for my deep and mostly accurate feelings of inferiority: does it get any more balla than that? Does it? Do you know? Please?