Dyson DC41 Bagless Vacuum - 2 Colors

by wootbot

Stop and Smell the Floors

Remember: "all floors" means "all floors that a sane person might have in their home or workplace."

We took Dyson at their word when they said "all floors". Sure, we knew the DC41's easy-reach ball pivot, motorized brush bar, self-adjusting cleaner heads, and pollen-capturing cyclone would be great on carpet, wood, tile, and laminate.

But we were wrong when we took this chance to experiment with some bold new flooring types. The following are flooring materials that we cannot recommend for cleaning with the Dyson DC41, or for anything else:

  • Candied hogfat
  • Tracing paper
  • Aluminum shavings
  • Beaver pelts
  • Scorched pieces of the American flag
  • Broken fluorescent light tubes
  • Mock Naugahyde
  • Coral
  • Woven videotape