Early Warning Radar and Laser Detector EW-3400

by Wootbot

WHAT are the law enforcement authorities HIDING behind the cloak of LAW ENFORCEMENT? why have the EFFECTS of RADAR (as in RADIATION) never been studied or if studied, the RESULTS suppressed? Widespread evidence indicates DISRUPTIONS to normal human THOUGHT patterns caused by commonly used RADAR/LASER “guns” – also effects on FERTILITY (deformed sperm, etc.).

The savvy CITIZEN can avoid these mind/genital-destroying LASER RADARS by employing a device such as Early Warning Radar Detector EW-3400. It can detect all currently used LASER and RADAR devices within a 360-degree RADIUS, including the diabolically FAST Ka-POP band (approx. 67 millisecond pulse radar) and ALERT with a series of voice messages and other SOUNDS. Needless to SAY many state governments have attempted to PROHIBIT private ownership of such DEVICES so that the GOVERNMENT can maintain its LASER MONOPOLY. But an innovation known as SPECTRE RDD can detect attempts to detect YOUR detector with ANOTHER detector (by agents of the GOVERNMENT). The SWS system will alert you to impending ROAD hazards. It includes also a digital COMPASS in case driver becomes disoriented by SECRET LASERS.

If U.S. authorities are COMPLICIT in an UNCONSTITUTIONAL program of LASER sabotage, shouldn’t you PROTECT yourself, family, property, and REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS? Authorities claim this RADAR is used to stop drivers from driving too FAST when they DRIVE - ask yourself why all this INVESTMENT just to catch people doing something that German AUTHORITIES freely permit on the AUTOBAHN? Are strategies of MIND CONTROL and IMPOTENCE being imposed on us by federal/local LASERS every single day? Logically consider the EVIDENCE - does it all ADD UP?

Warranty: One year


  • Detects all current radar and laser guns now in use
  • 360º Laser Detection
  • Instant on or Pulsed Radar Detection
  • Undetectable by VG-2 and Spectre / VG-2 Alert
  • SWS Safety Warning System
  • Ka POP Detection
  • Digital Compass
  • 9-Step Signal Strength Meter
  • Digital Voice Guidance Alert
  • High Performance Speaker
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Anti-Falsing Circuitry
  • City/Highway Mode
  • Auto Mute
  • 3-Step Brightness Display
  • Tutorial Mode
  • Memory Retention
  • VG-2 On/Off


  • Coiled power cord measures approx. 22’
  • Dual plug
  • Dash mounting hook and loop fastener
  • Window bracket with suction cups
  • Extra fuse