Econo-Heat Wall Heater

by wootbot

Take It Before The Panel

A panel for all of your needs -- if "all of your needs" refers to heating a room.

I must say, Jones, that this office looks better than ever.

"Thank you, sir, but I owe it all to the new panel."

Why's that?

"You know how it's company policy that new ideas must be taken to the review panel before going into practice? Well, our old panel was filled with naysayers, and office morale was low, but we put together a new panel, and now morale is through the roof!"

Really? It was that simple?

"That simple. It all comes down to the panel."

I've got to meet this new panel.

"Right this way, sir."

I don't see anyone. Any seats. Anything. Where does the panel sit?

"The panel doesn't sit. It's right there. On the wall."

That? That's an Econo Heat 603 Ceramic Wall Panel ... oh, I see what you did there.

"It's great, sir. It never says no."

Of course it never says no, Jones. It's designed to heat up the room in an efficient, timely manner, not determine whether an idea is a good idea or not, like an an experienced, knowledgeable PANEL comprised of people.

"But sir, morale is through the roof!"

Dare I ask about revenue?

"Oddly enough, that's at an all-time low. We can't seem to figure out why. Weird, huh?"