eneloop 8pk AA with 4-Position Charger

by wootbot

"That Guy"

This little AA went to market. This little AA stayed home. This little AA powered an alarm clock, and this little AA had four other friends for a total of eight plus a charger! What? Did you hear a different version?

The big advantage of these batteries is NOT that they're rechargeable. The big advantage to these batteries is that they're rechargeable AND colorful! That won't seem important until someone compliments your old Walkman that's missing the battery cover.

Yeah, with NORMAL batteries, you just look like an out-of-date slob. But with a nice purple/yellow mix? You're suddenly making a fashion statement! You're keepin' it real! You're making an artistic choice, and there's NOTHING better than an artistic choice. Trust us, we used to live in New York. For YEARS.

But that's not all! These pretty batteries will also run an all AA-required situations. A tiny sports car? A flashlight? One of those travel alarm clocks? Boom! Working in a more fashionable way! And don't you worry, these batteries won't fade like white after Labor Day. These batteries come with a charger, for charging, up to 1,000 times. That's as many times as some millionaires change their wives. Trust us. We lived in NEW YORK, remember?

If you ever want to hear us talk about that night we walked by the place that used to be CBGB's, please let us know.