Envision 22” LCD Monitor

by Wootbot

by Callie Schembeck, 4th grade

A monitor is a thing for looking at files and pictures that you have on your computer or on the internet. A monitor is important because if you didn’t have one you couldn’t see any computer files, computer games, computer internet web pages, or pictures on the computer. A monitor is like your computer’s face, which tells you what your computer is saying and makes expressions that you can see.

If I typed this on a computer or posted it on an internet web page, a monitor would be how you are looking at it right now, unless someone printed it for you. I guess blind people maybe don’t need monitors, but I’m trying to picture what they point their mouse pointers at if not. It would be hard to be a blind person, and it wouldn’t make up for it just that you wouldn’t have to buy a monitor, which a lot of computers come with already anyway. Sometimes the speakers are built in to the monitors, like with the Envision G218A1, which is a monitor you can buy at Woot. If the speakers are built in, then a blind person would probably want a monitor just to hear the computer sounds from computer sound files on the internet and on the computer.

Computer monitors are the part of a computer that you look at when you look at computers. And since many of us look at computers every day, you can “see” why monitors are important! The next monitor I get, it will be an Envision LCD monitor.

In closing, monitors are important for many reasons, and that is why people should have a monitor if they have a computer.

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