Famous Maker 20” LCD Monitor with DVI

by Wootbot

A Lady Has Her Secrets

Poem for an LCD monitor whose manufacturer she does not wish to advertise

Where’d you come from, screen of mine?
Who was it that made ya?
When they rolled you off the line
Was that line in Asia?

Who installed your BriteView tech?
It makes you bright and clear!
Where’s your tag so I can check?
Where’d they make you, here?

Who made sure that you’d support
DVI-D connection?
and VGA video too?
Who made you perfection?

I picked you out name unknown
I didn’t care then, so?
But since then, with how close we’ve grown
I feel I ought to know

Together, we web-browse all night
And all the sites I’ve seen
I’ve seen them by the lovely light
Of your 20-inch screen

All my private emails, too
You’ve shown within your frame
With everything that we’ve been through
Should not I know your name?

Oh wait, here it is; I don’t know why I never noticed before.

Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty



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