Famous Maker 46" 1080p 3D LED HDTV

by wootbot

'93 Degrees of Hella Radness!

Famous Maker doesn't like to brag. That's just the name his parents gave him. But he is pretty darn proud of the items he crafts. This one's a full HD TV, and he hopes you'll use it to watch the quality programming ghost written by his cousin, Alan Smithee. Oh, when they get together, there's always so much fun in the house!

1993. The first true web browser, Mosaic, debuts. Boris Yeltsin drowns the last gasp of Soviet communism in cheap vodka. The pop charts are ruled by... uh, the soundtrack of The Bodyguard? OK, '93 wasn't all great. But we're celebrating it anyway, in this Woot-Off, on our blog and forums, and on our Facebook page. HOTT '93: it's all that and a bag of stale chips!