Fila Men's Athletic Shorts - 21 Options!

by wootbot

A Real Shortstorm

♪ Who wears moderate-length shorts? ♪ You can wear moderate-length shorts! ♪

Look at all these shorts! I mean, look at them! More shorts than you can shake a pair of shorts at! With this many options, there’s a pair of shorts for every occasion.

The Gym - It’s a no brainer with these babies. Throw on a pair of the black and red Athlete’s Training Shorts and you’ll be the rogue of the racquetball court.

The Office - No more pesky visits from HR about the dress code now! With the stylish Side Striped Training Shorts, you’ll be turning heads all the way from the kitchen to the water cooler!

Shorts Shopping - Nothing tells a shorts salesperson “I’m serious about shorts” like actually wearing shorts to the shorts store.

Coronations - It’s time to bring a little more jazz to this stuffy tradition. Your subjects will be whooping and hollering when they see you in your Solid Mesh Training shorts.

Abdications - The royal life was never meant for you, anyway. Say “sayonara” with the Workout Training Shorts, and comfortably jog your way into exile!