Fila Men's Athletic Shorts, 5 Styles

by wootbot


This Easter, please, don't let your giant human-sized rabbits walk around unclad.

Easter is a time of joy, and love, and reflecting on new life. That's why so many churches host a traditional Easter egg hunt! It's good clean fun that reminds us about the joy that comes from children, and Spring, and nice weather. But you know what ISN'T fun? A bunny without any pants on.

Oh, yes, there are SOME who'll say that bunnies have fun. But so what? What does fur even mean? Face it, a big bunny without pants is an open door to Spring Break at some hedonistic Hollywood wrap party. Why take the chance when it's so easy to cover that bunny up?

With some of these Fila shorts, in any of the listed styles, you'll be able to properly dress any bunny you might run into. Snowshoe hare? Style C. Holland Lop? Style E. German Angora? Style A. Blanc de Hotot? Style B.

There's no reason not to enjoy the beauty of Easter, but there's ALSO no reason to give in to our long-eared animal instincts. So please, before hiring a giant human-sized bunny... make sure you've got the proper size of Fila shorts.