Fila Men's Performance Polos, 9 Colors

by wootbot

Out of Sync

The perfect gift for Father's Day! But the rest of the boys are gonna have to earn it.

OK, Boys. Let's take it from the top! Ready? And a five, six, seven, eight... Forward forward forward forward. Side glance side glance. Kick ball-change stomp stomp. Sashay left hip shake. Do the swan do the swan. Jazz hands. Golf clap. Opera face. Oprah face. Chuck Norris punch to the... STOP STOP STOP!

Damien. Honey. You're still missing the third beat. You're Oprah-facing when you're supposed to be Chuck Norrising. Now we've talked about this. If you want to wear that Fila Men's Performance Polo, you have to earn it. And quite frankly, I don't think you have. Does anyone here think that Damien has earned it? Anyone?

What your teammates are too nice to say, Damien, is that your tequila worm is just not where it should be. And while we're at it, your laughing camel could use some work, too. I mean, is he laughing or is he barfing? I'm just not sure.

That being said, I think you should sit this one out, mkay? Alright fellas, let's start again. And a five, six, seven...

Damien. Why are you still standing there? You're dismissed. Just leave the Fila polo on the table there next to the spirit stick. Mkay, buh-bye.