First Alert 8 Camera DVR Security System

by wootbot

Worth a Shot

Do you really need the FIRST alert?

Hey, bro, you want security system? I see you looking at First Alert 8-Channel 8-Camera DVR Security System. You feel nervous in house, yes? Lots of fancy electronics you don't wish to be losing, yes? Why you shy away from me, bro? I want to help you.

Bro, check out security system. Is SECOND Alert Security System. Is just as good at one tenth price! Unbeatable price bro! No, no, it does not have 8-channels with 8 bullet cameras like that one, bro. You don't need those bells and whistles! Why you want ability to record, playback, and back up video while accessing and controlling cameras via internet? Your system comes with 1TB Hard Drive, but that only takes up space in home!

Trust me bro, you want SECOND Alert system. Is big guy who hangs outside your house and calls you when people take your stuff. Is just as good!