Flash In The Brain Pan: Doodle God

by Scott Lydon

Be it advertising or purchases, our business model depends on you clicking stuff. So when we find a game like Doodle God, a game that consists of nothing but clicking things again and again, we're all over it. Call it classical conditioning.


Anyway, Doodle God has you taking the role of a powerful one-eyed deity that has to combine elements (four to begin with) to ultimately create 115 different basic concepts of the universe. Here are a few spoilers to give you the idea:


Obviously this game uses the term "element" very loosely, because while most people could accept the theory behind "swamp + life creates bacteria" something like "life and stone make the egg" is a bit harder to swallow. Even still, any game that marks vodka as an element already gets some clever points. We think that if you're as OCD and desperate to succeed as we are, you'll be really happy playing Doodle God for the rest of the day.

Special thanks to deals.woot's own Eric C. for the tip!