For That "Let's Watch Some Kids Kill Each Other" Look

by Jason Toon

If you've ever wanted to look just like the vapid, gluttonous elite of a dystopian dictatorship that forces its children to murder each other both for mass entertainment and as a means of social control, you're in luck!

No, the Hunger Games Capital Colours nail polish collection isn't something from SNL: it's all too real. China Glaze, the company behind it, seems to have missed that the whole "Capitol look" was supposed to signify the corruption of the elite's souls, and not their kicky fashion sense. Then again, maybe "monstrous, inhuman idiot" is the new look for 2012. I've never been accused of fashion-forwardness. 

I can't imagine a better look for There Will Be Blood Night at Brunswick Lanes, or hitting the links with the Funny Games golf-club collection. How about you?

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