Forever Lazy (3 Sizes)

by wootbot

Co-Workers Not Included

BEHOLD OUR STAFF! Well, some of our staff, anyway. We figured they deserved a day to be lazy, so we swaddled them in these.

Our buying staff is normally busier than a bunch of beavers at a damming project, and they glare at anyone who tries to take their picture. But we stuffed them into Forever Lazy suits, and see what happened? Warmth and love, baby. Warmth and love.

Hey, see that cutie in the front? You know, the one with the finger on his mouth? That's Matt. Matt came to us from the world of professional gambling. When he arrived, Matt had a nervous twitch in his left thigh. The doctor said it was caused by the stress of not knowing if the next card was a two or an ace. Twenty minutes in the Forever Lazy? Matt's vamping it up for the camera!

Or what about the lovely Babette, with her hands on her knees? Babette was raised by feral pigs on a small farm just outside of Arkansas. Everyone around the office knew her as the shyest of the shy. But the moment she pulled up that two-way zipper and saw the ultra-soft fleece in the mirror, Babette started grinning like a showgirl! A warm, adjustable-drawstring hood-wearing showgirl! And today she's one of the top wearable blanket models in the state of Oklahoma. It only took her about three days because the market wasn't really saturated or anything.

But that's not all! Dead center, in the glasses, is Cassandra, paralyzed with warmth. She later admitted she was so comfortable that she fell asleep STANDING UP WITH HER EYES OPEN! And behind her, Lionel and Brian battle for the hand of the other Brian over there on the right! It was a good fight, but there was no clear winner, so they finally all decided to just see other people and simply remain good friends. The sort of good friends who know that full body lazy wear always tends to run large.

If the Forever Lazy can bring this much joy to a bitter group of buyers, imagine what it can do for you!