Fosgate Audionics/Soundbridge 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Set

by Wootbot

We’re like you. We like rich, realistic sound, and lots of it. That’s why we’ve bundled some of the sweetest, sweatiest Fosgate speakers in our house of wares (the FA62.0 and FA52.0) with a Soundbridge 12” Powered Subwoofer. Put ‘em together and what’ve you got? Full immersion in quintophonic sound with bibbitty, bobbity, booming bass.

This 5.1 speaker set includes with two front speakers, a center channel speaker, two surround speakers (there’s your 5) and the powered subwoofer (there’s your .1).

You’ll straight up love the spectacular sound that spews from this speaker bundle. Fosgate Audionics’ FA62.0 is reputed to be “the ultimate satellite speaker.” For power handling, dynamic range and low distortion reproduction, it’s creamiest of the creamy. It’s equipped with dual six-and-a-half-inch mid/woofers in “D’Appolito” alignment. It’s got a XXX 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover. It’s as well suited as your center channel as it is pulling LCR (left/center/right) duty. It is one bad mother-respecter.

Its somewhat more playful cousin—the Fosgate Audionics FA52.0—boasts a dual five-and-a-quarter-inch mid-woofer/one-inch tweeter configuration, also in elegant “D’Appolito” alignment. A dual-purpose monitor like its stolider kinspeaker, the versatile FA52.0 can hit you from the center channel or from an LCR (left, center, right) position. Turn your back on it at your own peril.

With more information directed to the center channel—or “dialogue” speaker, as it’s called by people who watch movies with dialogue in them—the power handling requirements can overwhelm lesser speakers. Fosgate Audionics gear cackles maniacally in the face of such trivial concerns! The audiotechnicians who made this stuff could tell you all about its driver components, enhanced power handling and higher acoustical output—but let us just put it like this: These soundpounders will fill your home entertainment zone with big, burly, hot, hairy St. Bernards of sound lapping at your ears like you smeared them with peanut butter.

Don’t take our (admittedly unreliable) word for it. Look around the capital-I-Internet and read the glowing reviews these speakers accumulated—even at the rather steeper prices the manufacturer suggests! If we know you—and we don’t—you’ll probably also want to poke around Fosgate’s site. It’s here:

But come right back!

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