George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill

by wootbot

Note The "Indoor" Part

I don't care about the cold, drizzly autumn weather! We're barbecuing on the patio to celebrate Home.Woot's first anniversary, and that's final!

It's not every day that our home-goods site turns a year old. In fact, it's only one day, ever. So we're not going to let a little rain and a little chill and a little gusting wind keep us from partying down.

And this George Foreman Grill makes it easy, so no whining. Look, we were able to cook a whole chicken just right thanks to the precision temperature controls. Now hand me that platter, these burgers are done. As soon as the nonstick surface cools down, we can clean it with just a few simple wipes.

So what if we had to stand out here in a slashing, icy downpour to get it done? After all the great deals Home.Woot has given us over the past 12 months, catching a cold seems like a small price to pay. I'm just glad we had this George Foreman Indoor/Outdo-

Wait. Indoor/Outdoor? So we could have done all this inside? Damn.