Glow Sticks - Your Choice

by wootbot

Raving Mad

Unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz …

Back in my day, glow sticks were for two things and two things only: 1. Finding your way out of a dark cave and 2. Going to a rave.

Now, based on the fact that you're dressed as the Starchild, I'm going to assume you're not going spelunking. I can't completely eliminate "rave" as an option, however, since you are currently making out with that lamp post, a clear indication you have recently taken "E."

Still, the decorative tombstone in your back pack does lend credence to your claim that you're just out "pre-gaming" before the big day. And while I find your obviously male friend's costume as Jessica Rabbit simultaneously unnerving and arousing, that still doesn't prove that you're not really heading to some wild underground warehouse party with loudly thumping house music and a girl named "Shimmer" with a rainbow-colored pixie haircut.

Aww, hell. You know what? I don't even care. You kids just be safe and have fun out there. A little expert advice, though. Don't EVER make the mistake of shotgunning the liquid inside those glow sticks while everyone chants "Sweet Nectar of Life!" over and over again. It's not so fun the next morning, if you know what I mean. Better yet, invest in some of those fancy LED glow sticks instead. They're long-lasting, reusable and most importantly, non-accidentally-imbibable.