Good Ideas Composters

by wootbot

Presto Fertilizo

You shall not pass (your organic waste into the garbage).

BOOM! "What was that? Where did all this smoke come from? And WHAT'S THAT SMELL?"

'Tis I, the Compost Wizard!

"Wugh! You reek, man!"

Merely a side effect of my powers arcane! I come to transform your organic waste into rich, verdant loam!

"OK, great, but first how about you alakazam that stank out of here? I'm choking, literally choking."

You've made your point! I'm aware of the smell! Now, bring forth your organic waste, that I may work my alchemical wonder 'pon its putrefacting-

"Look, seriously, man, compost is great and everything, but I don't know how much more of this I can take."

OK, sure! That's what everybody says! I'll just leave a tumbling composter here to do this noble work in my stead! Would you prefer the Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler, or the Compost Wizard, Jr.?

"Do they smell any better than-"

Yes! Yes! They both smell better than I do! 

"Then either one is fine. Just hurry it up and, you know, get a move on, if you don't mind."

You know, the ironic thing is, I actually studied flower wizardry in school.