Google Nexus 7 32GB Tablet (Gen 2)

by wootbot

Sometimes We're All From Venus

Solve the problem or not having a tablet! Unless that lack of tablet wasn't the actual problem.

No, Carol, I will NOT not storm out of the room with my Asus Google Nexus Tablet! I have EVERY RIGHT to storm out of the room with my Asus Google Nexus Tablet! Especially since it's so light and easy to carry, unlike those other, less-stormable computers.

Isn't it obvious, Carol? Just two days ago I was complaining about my laptop being too heavy. When you gave me this 7" LED Backlit Tablet with 32GB of storage space and 2GB of RAM, you were solving a problem. But I didn't need my problem solved! I was just reaching out for relationship support and reassurance! It wasn't just about my computing needs, even though this Asus Tablet's Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) OS is indeed perfect for those needs. It was about communication! I NEEDED TO BE HELD, CAROL!

I know that men like me are supposed to be from Mars, but that time? That time I was from Venus, Carol. And all you could think to do was buy my love. For shame.

I mean, I guess I kinda understand... it's probably what I would have done... and it is a nice tablet... okay, fine, you're forgiven. C'mere, honey. MMMMWAH.

Oh, Carol. Sorry. I guess I shouldn't have kissed my tablet right in front of you.