Haier 45-Pint Dehumidifier - White

by wootbot

Gladness, Day 4!

Round 1 of March Gladness ends TODAY! Vote early, vote often! 

Day 4 of March Gladness! For the next two weeks, we're doing our own tournament: all that stuff that makes you feel good.

On the final day of the first round, we're be looking at Guilty Pleasures: that makes you happy, and then makes you feel bad for making you happy. Vote for whatever makes you the gladdest and BE SURE TO PRESS DONE to submit your answers. (The DONE button might be hidden, so be sure to scroll over the survey to get to it.)

To see a bracket, click here. And if you want to discuss, head over here.


March Gladness: Round 1 (Guilty Pleasures Region)