Hantech Tablo for Laptops

by Wootbot

Lust For Life

“Vinny, man, we’ve been over this. You don’t have to leave me little notes everywhere all the time. Just tell me stuff, I’m right here!”

“C’mon, Theo, be reasonable. Haven’t you kept all my previous letters? Don’t you know that, one day, after I’m famous, historians are going to be desperate to piece together all the scraps of my life? Without these little notes, there might be a gap in my historical record! Theo, what will the future say to such a gap? Eh? Eh, Theo?”

“I think they’ll say ‘Boy, his brother must have been a saint to put up with all that garbage for so long’ and then they’ll laugh and give each other high fives.”

“Bah! You understand nothing of what it means to be an artist.”

“Great, whatever. But can we at least make a deal? Look, come here and look at this. See this? It’s a Hantech Tablo, designed just for my laptop. Vinny, come here! Look at this! Stop eating your paint!”

“But it’s sooo delicious, Theo! It tastes like… like stars! Stars and blurry cypresses!”

“Vinny, seriously, I worry about you. Look at this… Vinny, c’mon, stop chewing on that Hantech Tablo stylus! The stylus is what this whole thing is all about! See, you take it and… after you make sure there’s no saliva on it… you use the stylus to draw or write on your laptop’s screen. Or, look, I’m writing in the air. See? Works fine.”

“Theo! It’s like sorcery!”

“Well, no, Vinny, it’s like technology. It talks to your computer through the included Tablo receiver which is designed to be put on the top or side of your screen. Functions kinda like a Nintendo Wii. Also, it’s plug-and-play for Vista and Windows 7 and it’s perfectly tablet compatible with Windows XP. You can even read a few reviews if you want.”

“Reviews? Aw, what do the critics know about anything. They’re all stupid, self-centered, bitter, jerkface, no-good-”

“Okay, okay, fine, we won’t talk about the critics anymore. My only point is that with the Hantech Tablo it’s possible to write on a laptop instead of writing on all those irritating pieces of paper that keep piling up in our kitchen. Using this is gonna make for a much easier life here, Vinny. And then, if the future people want to know about how we needed a quart of milk on March 28th, it’ll be right here in an easy-to-open document file. Okay? So will you do this for me, Vinny? Can we use the Hantech Tablo now?”

“I guess so, Theo, I guess we can. Hey, is it okay if Paul comes over later?”

“Maybe. What are you two going to be doing?”

“Oh, you know, just learning how to use the Hantech Tablo and stuff. Like, figuring out how it works in Excel and PowerPoint and Illustrator and Microsoft Paint and junk like that.”

“Junk like that, huh? So it’s okay if I pour out all the absinthe first?”

“Sure… I guess. As long as I can still keep my delicious paints.”

“I swear, Vinny, I don’t know why you think history’s going to remember you fondly. And stop chewing on the Hantech Tablo! Were you born in a wheatfield or something?”

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