Have A DIY Papercraft April Fool's Day

by Jason Toon

April Fool's Day is one of our favorite Internet traditions - but did you know that you can celebrate it offline, too? And thanks to this convenient, hilarious DIY April Fool's gag by our friend and lover Dan Zettwoch, you can unleash the meatspace fool-o-caust PDF style. Just download, print, and follow the instructions - your unsuspecting nut-craving friends won't know what hit 'em. Remember, you can't spell "punk'd you, fool!" without "PDF"!

When you do blow your friends' minds with this gag, take pictures and post them below. Oh, man, the looks on their faces are gonna be sweet! But wait until tomorrow to do it. Otherwise, it's just lame.

What other April Fool's Day surprises do we have stuffed up our dunce caps? Come back at midnight and see...