Hitachi 18 Volt 1/2” Cordless Driver Drill Bundle

by Wootbot

What? It was an honest question.

So ladies; anyone need some drilling done around here?

I’m here and I’m ready to drill is all I’m sayin’. And lookin’ around this hastily-constructed set built to look like an apartment, I’d say some drillin’ is about to go DOWN. Awwww yeah, I think you know what I’m talking about. You two 34-year-olds caked with make-up to look “barely legal” know exactly what I’m talking about.

So here’s the deal: I’m gonna start drillin’ and I ain’t gonna stop. I’m gonna drill all day and all night long, baby. ‘Cause when it comes to drillin’, I got the bits baby. I got all the bits you’re gonna need. Why are you snickering like that? Is the extra Hitachi 18v NiCD battery sticking out of my pocket or something? It came with a bonus battery to allow for prolonged drilling.

You thought what? Oh god. Wait a second. You thought that I...oh lady no. I’m happily married. No, I’m just a carpenter pickin’ up some work building sets. What do you mean, “euphemisms?” I was referring to my Hitachi 18 Volt 1/2” Ni-Cd Driver Drill & Bits Bundle! Oh you ladies are sickos.

Since when is “I’m here and I’m ready to drill” something that can be construed sexually?!


Warranty: 5 Year Hitachi

Condition: New


Drill Specifications:

Bit Set Specifications:

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