Homedics HealthStation Plus Scale

by wootbot

Can and Cannot

Focus on all the things it can measure, not those it can't! 

Thinking about buying this scale? Well, let us tell you about what it can and can't do:

  • This scale can estimate your body fat, body water, and muscle mass as long as you're barefoot. No matter how long you stand on it, though, it won't tell you that you look beautiful.
  • This scale has Normal and Athletic modes. It doesn't have modes for the following: Repressed, Angry, Estranged, Meager, or Dyspeptic.
  • This scale records data for up to 6 individual users. But it won't tell you which user is its favorite, even if you ask politely.
  • This scale features a Daily Calorie Predictor Function, which estimates the number of calories you need to consume based on your goals. It cannot, however, predict when you'll love again.
  • This scale can measure your weight in pounds, kilograms, and stone pounds. It can't measure your weight in knots, minutes, or thread-counts.

But that's not all! No, it's capable of doing and not doing so much more! So act now, and order or don't order yours today!