Honeywell HEPAClean™ 3-in-1 Tower Air Purifier

by wootbot

The Air in There

Purification takes all the flavor out of your air! 

In Bill's Rare Air Emporium, shirts are not required. In fact, Bill claims that his Aged Brazilian Cave Air Collection, with its notes of mildew and dampness, feels best "breezing through a forest of wispy chest hairs." 

And in Bill's Rare Air Emporium, shoes are not required either. "Some of my favorite airs, such as the Antarctic Air that I extracted from a large iceberg, give an amazing tingling sensation when blown between the toes," Bill says.

And in Bill's Rare Air Emporium, outside food and drink are allowed. According to Bill, a simple ham sandwich tastes entirely different in air from the Swiss Alps as it does from the air from the collected from a hot Ohio parking lot.

The only thing that's not allowed in Bill's Rare Emporium is the Honeywell Air Purifier. "These airs have their own distinct flavor," Bill says. "Something like that Honeywell could wipe out my whole stock!"