HP 14" Dual-Core Chromebooks w/Free 4G

by wootbot

A Woot Classic Moment

We’re too caught up in the frenzied celebration of our 10th birthday to write about today's product. Check out this refurbi- uh, classic write-up.

One Monitor, Hold the Tuner (April, 2007):

Hey, Mom. How’s it going? Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I called, but it’s kickball season, you know how it is. And I’ve been spending a lot of time down at the unemployment office. It’s a lot of work not working, heh! So, uh, listen, did you ever hear back from the lab?

Oh, really? Wow, that’s awful, Mom. I’m sorry. Can’t they do that on an outpatient basis now?

Six weeks in the hospital? Whoa. Man. That’s rough. I guess you’ll need to take a lot of time off your job. Hey, I’m going through my own tribulations myself right now. And, uh, that’s actually why I was calling. See, that old TV you gave me broke down, and -

I’m not looking for a handout, Mom! It’s a loan!

Just – not too much, really – just, like – a thousand dollars, a thousand-fifty, something like that.

But Mom, it’ll be money well spent! I can get ahold of a Westinghouse LVM-42W2 42" 1080p HDTV Ready LCD TV monitor really cheap right now. It’s a totally HD-ready flat-panel, with a 1920 by 1080 resolution, and it can accept 1080p signals.

No, it doesn’t include a tuner. I’d have to hook up a VCR or an HDTV tuner or something. But it’s got mondo inputs. Check this out: composite, S-video, HDMI, PC, two component video jacks, and two DVI jacks! The picture quality on that 42" screen is awesome. And that’s not just my opnion – it gets great reviews. Seriously. You might think you can’t afford to loan me the money, but I’d say you can’t afford not to. Whaddaya say, Mom?

What? Pick up your prescriptions? Uh, wow, well, you know, Walgreen’s is like twenty minutes away, and I’ve got kickball practice, and then we’re supposed to go out for karaoke…tomorrow’s looking pretty bad, too…uh, can it wait until Friday?