HP 15.6" Intel Quad-Core 1TB Touch Laptops

by wootbot

Quad Core. At this rate, laptops are going to catch up with razors.

That cool safety razor from the middle of the 20th century? That's like the VIC-20 of razors. Since then, we've grown and grown. Now you can get a razor with something like 300 blades. That's too far. RAZORS HAVE SURPASSED US ALL AND ARE BECOMING SENTIENT. THE FUTURE IS CLEARLY A RAZOR-BASED LIFE FORM. HUMANITY IS DOOMED.

But, until then, we can still hope we advance computer technology far enough that it will be smart enough to tell us to stop adding blades to razors. So far, quad-core is looking pretty promising. Maybe we'll reach that crucial point where cores pass razor blades and we'll be safe as a species.

Let's all hope for that. Because we're not going to get less blades on our razors any time soon.