HP 17.3" Full HD i7 TouchSmart Laptop

by wootbot

Supply-Side Electronics

No, you're not seeing things. Out of our desperate attempt to be rich love for giving you options, we've added a little something extra for today. Come on in and check it out!

If there's one thing we've learned in nine-plus years of hustling discount widgets, it's that "good or bad?" is the wrong question to ask about a product. The question is, is the price right? A gizmo that stinks like feces at $100 might shine like gold at $20.

So we're hoping our latest price drop puts the shine on this HP 17.3" Touchsmart laptop. Aside from the irrational fear and loathing that Windows 8 inspires in the hearts of men, it can do a lot for a laptop at this price. That 1920x1080 touchscreen, 8GB DDR3 memory, the 1TB hard drive, four USB ports including one USB 3.0: these are burly specs. This laptop totally shreds, people! Come on!

But the market's truths are pitiless and not subject to appeal. And the market says we've still got a pile of these laptops on our hands. So the experiment continues: what's the magic price that sends these flying off of our shelves and into your hands?