HP 27" WQHD LED IPS Monitor

by wootbot

Introducing the Woot 27" Club

Our VIP section is only viewable on giant screens

Today we're introducing a new section to Woot.com that's full of cool new features and unbelievable deals; it's about ten inches that way ---> on your screen. 

Oh, you can't see what's over there? That's a shame, and it must mean you're viewing this on a screen smaller than this refurbished 27" HP LED monitor. You see, all the cool new stuff on Woot.com is positioned such that it can only be viewed on an enormous 27" screen. Sucks for you. 

If only you had a 27" screen you'd be able to see all the awesome stuff happening just over there ---> . We hired Mumford and Sons to play a live streaming concert, but get this: They're playing hit Disney songs from the 90s! Pretty great, right 27"ers? 

Don't feel bad if you can't experience the new Woot, there's still plenty of -- sorry, we got distracted by the squirrel trying to hide nuts all over our new site. You see, we hired the actual squirrel from that viral video to perform on our site, and (if you can't see it right now) trust us: It's even funnier than the original. 

Don't believe us that there's an entirely new site available only to people who own this HP 27" screen? There's only one way to call our bluff…