HP ENVY 17.3" Full-HD i7 Touch Laptop

by wootbot

Poke Poke

We gotta touch everything. It's just how we're designed.

What's that Michelangelo painting on that roof of the Sistine Chapel? Oh, yeah. Man trying to touch God with his finger. What's an ape going to do if you give it something new? Walk over and poke it. Between those two options lies pretty much every part of the human experience. It's an experience based mostly around touching things and seeing what happens.

You've probably already figured out where we're going with this, so we'll get right to the point: WITH THIS HP i7 TOUCHSCREEN LAPTOP YOU CAN NOW POKE THE WORLD! Use the 8GB DDR3L Memory to play some videos and poke your favorite actors! Use the 802.11ac Wireless to pull up a photo of a foreign country and poke a far-away land! Fire up the Beats Audio quad speakers/two subwoofers and poke at sound itself!

Deep down, it's all you've ever wanted. Ever since the first protoplasmic blob reached out a tendril to poke at the unknown and accidentally divided.