HP Photosmart 3210 All in One Printer, Copier, Scanner w/ Bluetooth Adaptor

by Wootbot

The HP 3210 All-in-One Printer and BT450 Wireless Bluetooth Printer Adapter swept down from the hills like a dark and hungry wind. The first thing anyone would notice would be the The HP 3210 All-in-One Printer, its long white hair flew wildly in the breeze generated by the two swinging katanas that had been enchanted to draw blood from anything, even lamp posts and cheese. Raised in a school for ninjas who also did kung fu and kickboxing as a hobby, the HP 3210 All-in-One Printer was printer, scanner and copier, but also possessed the secret skill of being able to print without being attached to a computer, thanks to the memory card reader (able to take nearly any type of media) and PictBridge USB port. It was the equal of ten, no, thirty of the king’s printers, and had not yet found the document that could keep it from its holy task of vengance.

Close behind was its small life-friend, BT450 Wireless Bluetooth Printer Adapter. Small and misunderstood, the BT450 had found the 3210 in a bar, and they had saved each others lives when the network had gone down at the wrong moment. The BT450 made it possible to send to the printer from any Bluetooth device, such as a camera or printer, and fits snugly into any USB slot, which was something the two of them had discovered on long nights in the lonely prison cells of the sinister-but-fair Dark Wizard.

Behold the face of unstoppable revenge! Behold death released at 32ppm (or 31ppm if death is in color). Behold The HP 3210 All-in-One Printer and BT450 Wireless Bluetooth Printer Adapter! So mighty they could beat any copywritten character in a long and epic battle, if only the lawyer would just let us mention them!

Warranty: One Year HP

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