HP Quad-Core Desktop with 2TB HD

by wootbot

Bow Wow

How much is that desktop in the window? The one that's currently on sale?

Here, HP Quad-Core Desktop! Here, HP Quad-Core Desktop! Sorry, it's just been crazy. My HP Quad-Core Desktop hasn't learned to obey yet, you know? But it's always this way with a new pet.

Even still, I don't know why my HP Quad-Core Desktop isn't running in here. The SuperMulti DVD±RW Drive is supposed to be way fast, but you wouldn't know it by how it just sits there! And what about the 7-in-1 memory card reader? Shouldn't that make my HP Quad-Core Desktop even smarter, since it will be able to read so many different peripheral devices?

Ah, well. I'm sure we'll figure it out. I'm sure the two terriers in my HP Quad-Core Desktop will soon come to love me and- no, terriers. The two terriers that are in my HP Quad-Core Desktop. Look at the specs and...

...ohhhh, is THAT what 2TB means? Huh. Looks like I gotta run back to the pet store this weekend.