iGo Portable Battery Pack w/ Apple Cable

by wootbot

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Wherever you go, iGo.

"So this is it," thought Christian. "This is what true love feels like."

He gazed dreamily upon her glistening skin, and watched with delight as the evening sun danced upon her long, flowing golden locks.

The warm summer breeze ushered in a bouquet of fresh honeysuckle and lilac, kissing his face ever so gently and alighting his senses.

Her soft, ruby lips parted and moved in slow-motion as she uttered the deeply passionate words, "You're a real @$$#*!%, you know that?"

She strutted out of the house, and out of his life forever, slamming the door behind her.

He barely noticed. He was too entranced by the slim, stylish portable battery pack that lay before him, too taken with the notion of charging anywhere, everywhere, at any time. He pressed the power button and sighed contentedly when the blue LED indicator came to life. Then he leaned in close to the foldable wall blades and whispered softly, "It's just you and me now. Finally."