Intec Wii Active Action Kit

by Wootbot

Yeah, I’m gonna get more active.

No, not outside. That would be crazy.

That’s it. I’m done carrying around all this extra weight! I’m going to shape up and lose this gut! And these chins! And these thighs! And these man-boobs! And this pack of hot dogs on the back of my head!

Jesus, I’ve really let myself go.

I can’t show up at a gym looking like this! The gym is where beautiful, fit people go to look beautiful and fit! I’m way too fat to be seen at the gym. I’ll have to use this Intec Wii Active Action Kit to get some exercise in the privacy of my own home using the very thing that got me in this condition: video games.

I figure a few months with these and I can lose 50, 70 pounds. THEN I’ll just be “gym fat” and not “unfit for the outside world” fat.


Warranty: 90 Day Limited Intec

Condition: New


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