J&Ds Ultimate Bacon Lovers Gift Pack

by Wootbot

We’re not going to waste a lot of time writing a description here, because we know right now a few hundred thousand people are yelling HOLY CRAP BACON and leaping for the I Want One button. And then right after they are sure that they’re going to be getting that jar of original Bacon Salt and five new Bacon Salt flavors (Applewood, Cheddar, Mesquite, Jalapeno and Maple) they’ll run to their Twitter accounts to post “Baconnaise? Bacon Mayonnaise? Oh, @woot, you know my soul.” and we’ll get a little boost of people who weren’t here waiting on the thirty five cent Porsche or whatever it is you guys think we used to sell back when we were cool. So we’re not going to waste time on that. Instead, we’re going to point on that you’ll also be getting a tube of Bacon Lip Balm, which means your kisses will taste like pig and Jewish women will find you dangerous yet compelling. Also we should mention that the nice people at J&D tell us that the jar of original Bacon Salt is kosher. Have at it!

Warranty: No Warranty For Bacon Flavored Products


  • The Ultimate in bacon goodness
  • For a friend, for you, or a random act of kindness
  • Includes a jar of Original Bacon Salt
  • 5 delicious new Bacon Salt flavors (Applewood, Cheddar, Mesquite, Jalapeno and Maple)
  • Jar of Baconnaise
  • Bacon Lip Balm
  • Gift box