Karcher 1750 PSI Pressure Washer

by Wootbot

It’ll Really Pressure Buttons

Anyone who knows me knows that I do things all the way.

When I build a deck, I overbuild that deck. When I cast for panfish, I nonetheless use 80-pound test line. When I grill over “instant light” charcoal, I still drench it in a half-bottle of lighter fluid to make sure it gets real hot, real fast.

So naturally I was attracted to the Karcher 1750 PSI pressure washer right away. I think—after custom modification—it’d be perfect for a project I’m working on.

See, most people would look at this thing, with its DirtBlaster Spray Wand for heavy-duty cleaning and its Vario Power Spray Wand for adjustable pressure, and they’d think “awesome, with this I can clean everything from mossy bricks to fragile window screens.” And that’s what it’s made for, I guess. It’s got an onboard detergent tank for easy sudsing, and an ergonomic upright design for maneuverability. Also, it can draw its water from a standing source, you don’t necessarily have to have a faucet available. Convenient, if you’re washing the driveway.

But washing the driveway sounds pretty boring to me. I’ve got more ambitious plans for mine.

See, I’m redoing my downstairs bathroom, and I have this idea to repurpose the Karcher pressure washer as a high-powered, industrial-strength, superhygienic bidet.

It’s going to be great. You should come over and test-drive it when I’ve got it all installed! One quick burst from the Karcher and I bet you’ll be cleaner back there than you’ve ever been in your life. It’s going to be exhilarating.

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