Kite Train

by wootbot

In the Air

I'm not flying a kite. I'm fishing for birds. 

Let's consider fishing, shall we? We lower a line into the fish's living space, add something that's supposed to attract the fish's attention, and wait. Well, that's what I'm doing here: I have taken this Kite Train and inserted it into the bird's natural environment.

As for the bait, that's a little bit different. The bait on a fishing reel is or resembles a fish's food, whereas the bait on my Kite Train are meant to attract the birds in a different way. You see, the birds will see the kites and want to mate with them. So, all you need to do is wait for a bird to come along and join itself to one of the kites and then reel it in!

Now, you might be thinking, "why would a bird want to mate with a kite?" Well, c'mon! That should be obvious! Just look at these beautiful kites! Who wouldn't want to mate with them?!

Okay, hold on. That sounded weird. I meant, if you were a bird, you might, just maybe, find this kite train attractive in, you know... that way. I, personally, do NOT. I mean, I think it looks very nice, beautiful even, but I would never, you know...

Okay, forget it! This conversation is over!