Klipsch A5i All Sport In-Ear Headphones

by wootbot


Going from the bottom to the top with my ​Klipsch A5i All Sport In-Ear Headphones.

I'm sorry, everyone, about the scene I made last night. It was rude of me not to countdown from ten with the rest of you. But, you see, I had my own countdown that I was listening to on my Klipsch A5i All Sport In-Ear Headphones, a personalized countdown that summarized my 2013 from start to finish. Here's what it was:

Ten was the sound of a middle c being struck on a baby grand, because 2013 was the year I resolved I would finally learn to play piano.

Nine was the sound of nine cats meowing in unison, to represent each of the nine cats that came to live in the crawlspace under my house.

Eight was the sound of a car honk. This, of course, relates to the fact that my car was repossessed in February. If you listen closely, you can hear that it's a honk good-bye.

Seven is the same sound as nine, except played in reverse, because each of those nine cats living in my crawlspace eventually left me. Even the strays can't stand my night terrors.

Six through three were balloons popping, to symbolize my various bubbles bursting. Three were symbolic bubbles - my career, my relationship, my perception of the future. The fourth was literal - I chewed some gum and blew a bubble so large that its burst sent me to the emergency room.

Two was the sound of of a piano crashing to the ground due to the tragic way in which my piano lessons ended. I don't want to get into it. It's a long story, filled with many tears.

And then, of course, I screamed Happy New Year, except in Russian. I feel the harsher sounds of their language suit me better.

Now, this wouldn't have been such a distraction, had I not made each noise as loud as possible when it played over my Klipsch A5i All Sport In-Ear Headphones. Anyway, sorry again, and С Новым годом to everyone.