Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth Headphones

by wootbot

You won't hear Office Steve clipping his toenails!

It's not so much what you're listening to. It's what you're drowning out.

Monday - Office Steve spends 45 minutes in the adjacent cubicle discussing Doctor Who with a group of people who are entirely too polite to walk away.

Tuesday - One bank teller; 20 bank customers.

Wednesday - Drum circle at the park while you're walking the dog.

Thursday - Office Debbie discusses her digestive woes with Office Peggy. ("I love goat cheese, but goat cheese does NOT love me!")

Friday - Your flight is delayed. You spend three additional hours between an unsupervised toddler and a man who keeps a bag of phlegm on his lap.

Saturday - On the advice of a "life coach," your spouse has decided to realize a childhood dream of taking oboe lessons.

Sunday - Fellow coffee shop patrons debate the merits of Macklemore.