Klipsch KMC1 or KMC3 Bluetooth Speakers

by wootbot

Songburn Lotion

Summertime beach jams everywhere! OR ELSE!

When I say I never go anywhere without my summertime beach jams, I mean it 100% literally. Just ask my periodontist, or come along to my synagogue, or check the details on my contempt of court charges. I didn't buy this Klipsch Portable Bluetooth Speaker to leave it at home.

It's almost effortless to stream music from my smartphone and either one pumps out sun-splashed beach bangers with an impressive amount of power. So when you hear "Hot in Herre" in the supermarket freezer section, or "Bootylicious" in the airport men's room, or "Summer Girls" at Abercrombie & Fitch, remember: whatever time of year it is, it's always summer inside a Klipsch Bluetooth Speaker.