Klipsch Noise Canceling Headphones

by wootbot

Darkness engulfs us.

Listen, honey. Mommy loves you SO much. But here's the deal. You talk. A LOT. And sometimes, you're not talking so much as you are SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER just because your brother dipped your doll's hair in the toilet. It's really not that big a deal. I promise. What's that? No, I'm sorry. I can't hear you because I'm wearing these headphones. So you just keep on chattering away and I'll just keep nodding my head like I care what you're saying.

In the abyss of Black Friday, we cannot hear ourselves scream. In the pitch darkness, we cannot see what hunts us. Without light, there is only dark. In the dark, there are no friends only enemies. All is gone. All is lost. So, heck, why not take advantage of our LOWEST PRICES OF THE YEAR!