Klipsch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

by wootbot

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It's time for a Woot Klipsch Show!

We're very glad you decided to visit Woot today. You see, we've been selling Klipsch products for quite some time, and over the years, we've written a lot of write-ups about them, so for today's Klipsch HD Theater SB-3 Soundbar with 10" Wireless Subwoofer, we thought what better way to utilize the write-up space than to do a clip show -- or, if you will, a Klipsch show -- highlighting some of the many wonderful moments that Woot writers have had with Klipsch. After all, if sitcoms can pull it off, then why can't we? So without further ado, here's a look back:

"Dear diary, our arduous trek over the so-called Sierra Nevada mountains has come to a close."

"I hook you up with a Soundbar because I like you."

"YOU have terrible taste in music."

"...how do you prounouce 'Rimbaud'? Are you sure?"

"It's time we're the ones giving you lip. Oh, wait, that came out wrong. We mean, it's about time we're giving you KLIPSCH."

"Ten was the sound of a middle c being struck on a baby grand, because 2013 was the year I resolved I would finally learn to play piano."

"Marshmallows (mini size)."

"But the taste will NOT be music to your mouth, so please do not try to eat them."

"Ah, Klipsch it - Klipsch it good
Ah, Klipsch it - Klipsch it real good"