Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge All-in-One Desktop

by wootbot

We all know it was actually an Apatosaurus.

Quad-Core Meltdown.

“Welcome back to QSCN - the Quality Shopping Channel Network! We’re your one-stop shop for everything you’ll ever need. This is, of course, Day 3 of our Non-Stop Lenovo Extravaganza and, boy, are we feeling the effects of a sleepless 77 hours! I’m joined as always by Kern Shuntsover, who is looking a little worse for wear! Ready for more coffee, Kern?”

“This was a bad idea. I want this to end now, Corl.”

“As do I, Kern. Let’s discuss our current offer.”

“It’s a computer.”

“Sure is! It’s the snappily-named ThinkCentre Edge 92Z All-in-One Desktop, and get this: It’s by Lenovo!”

“I don’t care.”

“Neither do I! It features touch-screen technology, Kern!”

“For the love of -“

“Say, Kern, guess what kind of processor core this one has!”

“Why aren’t you as miserable as I am right now?”

“Military-grade stimulants, Kern! And if you fine folks at home answered Quad-Core, you’re absolutely correct! Please disregard the brontosaur grazing on fronds to my left!”

“Uh, Corl, there’s not a brontosaur in the studio.”

“Kern I’m not going to argue with you about this; especially not while you’re sporting the head of a lion yourself! This ThinkCentre’s got Windows® 8 Professional OP and a binary arm to stir your soup!”

“Oh come on, Corl, I need you to hold it together while we’re doing this.”

“Kern, you’re not my grandma. Don’t order me around!”

“Corl, I’ve just soiled myself.”

“Me, too, buddy! Me, too.”